Fiduciary File Checklist

for 401(k) Plan Sponsors
Fiduciary File Checklist for Plan Sponsors

Our Fiduciary File Checklist and Expertise in Plan Sponsorship Can Save You Time and Money

As an employer, offering a 401(k) plan to your employees can be incredibly rewarding. However, it is also a challenging undertaking – one that requires much of you, including meeting your fiduciary obligations to plan participants each year.

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At Paces Ferry Wealth, our holistic approach to retirement plan consulting, management and administration provides plan sponsors with a comprehensive understanding of all facets of their plan and the regulatory effects of their recommendations and decisions. Your plan participants are relying on you to meet your fiduciary obligations, and outsourcing your plan sponsorship means you can rely on us to ensure you fulfill all requirements.

In addition to the Fiduciary File Checklist, we also offer 401(k) plan sponsorship outsourcing that provides small and medium-sized business owners like you with a cost-effective way to save time and money, while avoiding potential IRS penalties by ensuring your plan is administered correctly and your fiduciary obligations are met.

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