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Personal Financial Planning Whitepapers

Resources to help you make informed financial planning decisions

We succeed when we help our clients reach their goals. That’s why we provide extensive resources designed to help you make informed financial decisions in every phase of life. We hope these personal financial planning whitepapers will be helpful, and we welcome you to schedule a call with us for more personalized service based on your unique needs.

Please review the descriptions of these five financial resources and then complete the form below to gain access to as many of them as you like.

financial planning whitepaper: fundamentals of estate planning

Fundamentals of
Estate Planning

It is better to face the discomfort of our mortality and make sure everything is up to date and in order. With your estate checked off your list, you can rest assured, that in an unthinkable situation, you and your family will be covered.

financial planning whitepaper: the birth of a grandchild

The Birth of a Grandchild

529 Plans and Trusts

The arrival of the next generation is also a good time to plan for your (and their future). In this whitepaper, we will go over different ways to gift, save, and set aside for your grandchildren.

financial planning whitepaper: designating beneficiaries

The Importance of Designating Beneficiaries

Life can get hectic, we know, and the to-do list seems to be endlessly growing. One item that is easy to forget but vitally important, is having up-to-date beneficiaries for your IRA and other retirement plan assets.

financial planning whitepaper: Charitable Giving

What to Consider in Your Charitable Giving Plan

Congratulations! You’ve decided to give to a charity or non-profit. Charitable giving is a wonderful way to help further causes you are passionate about and feel good while doing it.

financial planning whitepaper: transition to retirement

Making the Transition
to Retired Life

After all the years of working and saving and planning, you’ve made it. Retirement. Now, the challenge will be taking the fantasy into reality. Let’s go over few important steps to help you transition into this new stage.



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