Give Yourself the Gift of a Sensible Giving Plan

Did you know that charitable giving is not just good for others but also for you? It’s true! Giving to charity, actually fires up the pleasure and reward parts of our brains. It can also help with overall life satisfaction and mortality rates

Charitable Giving Plan Whitepaper

What to Consider in Your Charitable Giving Plan

Congratulations! You’ve decided to give to a charity or non-profit. Charitable giving is a wonderful way to help further causes you are passionate about and feel good while doing it. Having a charitable giving plan can help you help others by saving you money on taxes and make the most of your contributions.

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There are complexities to making the most of your contributions and the tax benefits those donations can bring. If you are interested in incorporating a charitable giving plan into your long term goals, schedule a call with us to get started. To learn more about the Paces Ferry team check out our about page or our linked profiles.

Our team can help make your charitable giving plan

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