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Social Security Webinar

  • Watch this pre-recorded webinar and learn about:

  • Changes with social security filing strategies.

  • How married couples are able to maximize benefits.

  • To claim retroactive benefits in a lump sum.

  • The many factors that can reduce the payments you receive.

  • Social security gave a raise in 2022 and what this means for your tax bracket.

  • The effect of remarriage on survivor benefits for widowed and divorced spouses

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Before you retire one of the most important decisions you need to make is when to claim social security benefits.

This is why you should watch this webinar:

Please join us for an information packed webinar hosted by Zach Morris, managing partner, co-founder of Paces Ferry Wealth Advisors, and Certified Financial Planner. Zach will educate attendees on the various strategies used to maximize your benefit, understanding the moving parts,  and several other frequently asked questions. He is regularly quoted in national publications on the topic of financial planning and social security. We hope you will enjoy the webinar.