Attend this webinar on April 19 or April 22 to learn about:

  • How to control who gets what, when and how

  • Intestacy and how it affects estate distribution

  • Tax strategies to reduce your tax liability

  • How to NOT disinherit your children and grandchildren because of divorce or other triggering events

  • How to avoid probate

  • The main differences between a revocable or irrevocable trust

  • How to finalize your will and estate

  • How to ensure your last wishes are fulfilled

  • How to know the monetary value of your estate

  • The benefits of having a trust and/or life insurance policy if you’re from a blended family

  • Step up in basis rules on inherited assets versus carryover basis rules on gifts

Know Your Estate Assets Are Protected and Prevent Unintended Consequences

This is why you should attend this webinar:

It is paramount to have a stable plan of action in place to provide for your family, protect all of your assets, and reduce the burden of taxes.  Time and time again estates have been a pain point for many families. This is why we developed this webinar to help give you free guidance and advice. We ask for nothing in return. 

Join us for this purely educational webinar on April 19 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM US/Eastern or April 22 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM US/Eastern where we’ll focus on great financial strategies that will help preserve more of your wealth for your family and charitable causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is presenting?

Zach Morris will be presenting.

Zach received a B.S. in finance, with a minor in economics, from Elon University in North Carolina. He was a member of The Kappa Alpha Order and has served on the board of the Elon Alumni Association’s Atlanta chapter. Zach speaks Spanish and is an Atlanta native. He has his Certified Financial Planner designation. He and his wife live in West Midtown’s Underwood Hills neighborhood and his parents and two of his three sisters and their families live nearby. In his spare time, Zach golfs, plays tennis, rides his mountain bike and travels.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who is currently in retirement or approaching retirement and thinking of the future. 

Is this a “sales” pitch

No, this webinar is a live presentation and purely educational. 

“Making sure your parents have a proper estate plan in place can help avoid unintended consequences regarding how the estate settlement is handled—potentially by a court-appointed executor if someone hasn’t already been named in the will,”


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